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Featured News

Notice: The CRM in the Field blog is moving

The CRM in the Field blog has been around for almost 9 years, with one of the first articles detailing tips and tricks on CRM 3 to 4 upgrades! The blog isn’t going away, but it will be moving to a new platform. You can find it on the Dynamics Community site:  https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crminthefield


All new content will be published on the Community site, so update your bookmarks and turn on notifications for the new site. If you're using the RSS feed, you can also find that on the new site and here: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crminthefield/rss


In the future the CRM in the Field blog will be retired and no longer accessible. In the meantime, articles are being redirected to the Community site.

Realize Significant ROI with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Return on investment (ROI) is an important factor to consider when evaluating customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. An independent analysis from Nucleus Research identified that for every dollar spent by companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365, they receive an average of $16.97 in return. This is significantly higher than the average for both ERP and CRM. Access the report here for more details on the study.

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Updates & Releases

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Release

The Service Updates for Dynamics 365 online version 9.1.0 are available.


The latest release is Service Update 52 ( or higher). Resolved issues include:

  • The record sharing function was unavailable
  • Appointments copied in Outlook modified the original appointment in CRM instead of creating a new appointment.
  • Phone call tasks marked "complete" in Dynamics 365 reopened automatically.

Universal Resource Scheduling Updates for Dynamics 365

Microsoft is pleased to announce the latest updates to Universal Resource Scheduling. These releases include improvements to quality, performance and usability. The updates apply to various versions of Universal Resource Scheduling, Field Service and Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365. To update your instance, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, and find the solutions page. For more information refer to Install, update or remove a preferred solution.


Version (details)

Resolved issues include:

  • Fixed: Schedule assistant’s “Book” button on the “Create Resource Booking” panel is disabled once clicked until the booking is created to avoid duplicate bookings
  • Fixed: Multiple issues preventing upgrades
  • Fixed: Travel time display on the hourly vertical view on the schedule assistant
  • Fixed: The auto-scrolling whenever a booking is made or booking status of the booking is changed on schedule assistant


Version 3.0.19109.3 (details)

Enhancements and new features include:

  • Increased resource scheduling capacity for a specific time slot
  • Ability to cancel optimization requests in the middle of optimization
  • Custom ranges available to the hour and minute levels when configuring the optimization scope


Version (details)

Enhancements include:

  • When inserting a booking between two bookings or reassigning a booking to another resource, the travel time of all associated bookings will be recalculated and updated
  • All the date and times in the filter panel and requirements panel on the schedule board are updated when the time zone is changed in the scheduler settings on the schedule board.


Resolved issues include:

  • Fixed: The zoom level on the “Map View” on the “Filter Panel” will be preserved after entering or exiting the Schedule assistant search.
  • Fixed: Only activated members of a crew are booked when the crew is booked.
  • Fixed: Alignment of scheduler settings controls.

Release Notes for Field Service Version

The latest update to the Field Service solutions for Dynamics 365 is available. This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.x.



  • Added solution health rule to check for processes belonging to disabled users.
  • Updated the training section of the app to include links to:
    • Community
    • Docs
    • Ideas
    • Support
    • Convert Case to Work Order now opens Work Order in a new window.


Resolved Issues include:

  • Fixed: Update Work Order Substatus custom filter view to use the layout specified on the lookup control.
  • Fixed: Add a plugin validation that ensures only one Work Order Incident is set to Primary.
  • Fixed: Booking Form shows unsaved changes after Status changed from In Progress to Completed and click save.


For more information, review Release Notes for Field Service Version

Disable the Opt-In Model for Field and Project Service for Unified Interface

The Dynamics 365 platform recently shipped with a Unified Interface only experience. In the future, this setting will be enabled by default. In support of this, beginning on May 17th, Field Service v8.x and Project Service v3.x will have UCI enabled by default. Depending on an instance’s geography, the default version changes may happen shortly thereafter.


While this will not block customers that are currently using the web interface, in new instances created after this change, customers will need to toggle this new setting to get back to the old interface. Review this article for more information on the change.

Unified Service Desk Update

The Unified Service Desk (USD) Update 4.1 is now generally available. This update includes the following:



  • USD with Chrome process: easily switch from one browser to another for the entire organization; enhanced performance and memory with Chrome pooling.
  • Accessible and modern administrative experiences through a Unified Interface app.
  • Integrations with cloud-based channel widgets using the Channel integration framework 
  • Single sign-on


For more information about the release, review this blog post.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Enhancements

With the latest updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, customers can now use the app to call an expert in another company or search for contacts outside their company directory. To set up cross-company calling, your company and the company of the person you’re calling both have to enable external access in the Microsoft Teams admin center. For information on enabling external access, see Manage external access (federation) in Teams. Additional enhancements include group calling recording notification and user interface improvements. For more information review this article.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights New Features

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights enables you to quickly connect to your customer service data and use out-of-the-box AI-powered insights to take informed action to increase customer satisfaction. Interactive dashboards use AI, business intelligence, and machine learning to give you a comprehensive view into engagement patterns, agent performance, and call center operations on multiple dimensions.


New capabilities are now available in Customer Service Insights to include:

  • View groups of related cases as topics
  • Provide feedback on topics and move cases to other topics
  • Refresh dashboards on demand (10 times per day)


For more details, review this article.

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Additional News

Introducing Profile Cards in Dynamics 365

As part of our goal to put people at the center of your experience in Dynamics 365, Microsoft is bringing a familiar experience to the Dynamics 365’s Unified Interface: Profile cards. Profile cards exist in Outlook and other Office apps today to help you collaborate with a person, whether they are your colleague or an external contact. Profile cards enable you to have their information at your fingertips wherever you are in the Office ecosystem.

For more information, see View the profile card for a contact or user.

Security Enhancements: User Session and Access Management

Security enhancements are available in version 9.x to better secure the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps and to provide a better user experience. The enhancements include:


User session timeout management
The maximum user session timeout of 24 hours has been removed.


Azure AD session policy
By default, the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps leverage the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) session policy to manage the user session timeout. Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps uses the Azure AD ID Token with a Policy Check Interval (PCI) claims. Every hour a new Azure AD ID Token is fetched silently in the background and the Azure AD instant policy is enforced by Azure AD.


Set custom session timeout for individual environment
For environments that require different session timeout values, administrators can continue to set the session timeout and/or inactivity timeout in the System Settings. These settings override the default Azure AD session policy and users will be directed to Azure AD for re-authentication when these settings expired.

For more information on the security enhancements, review this article.

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Training Corner

Microsoft Business Applications April 2019 Release Overview Videos

The rollout of the April 2019 Release kicks off the twice-yearly release cycle for Dynamics 365. Microsoft is excited to showcase the amazing breadth of AI, mixed reality, and data insight solutions delivered in this release. This release includes more than 350 updates spanning the Business Applications portfolio. Microsoft Business Applications April 2019 Release Overview Videos were created to briefly highlight features available in the April release.

Topics include:

PowerApps demo
Microsoft Flow
Power BI Data Interactions
Dynamics 365 Market Insights

and more….

E-Book: Business app development made easy

The fast pace of the modern business world often means the demand for apps to simplify business processes outpaces the ability of IT departments to meet those needs. Relying exclusively on developers to build business applications from scratch is time-consuming and expensive. Give everyone, not just developers, the ability to create custom web and mobile business applications with drag-and-drop simplicity using Microsoft PowerApps. Read this e-book to discover how to overcome six common obstacles to business application innovation and reduce the barriers to connecting people, data, and applications.

Use Microsoft Flow to automate tasks in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Within organizations we increasingly see staff diversify their roles to cover activities which may not be their core discipline. This can lead to challenges for the individual to learn an area which may only be used on occasion. Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing as an example, for occasional users, the terminology and controls used in the application may be unfamiliar and could lead to resistance to adopting processes that span multiple applications. Using Microsoft Flow, it is possible to automate the creation of records in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, including those that can drive key functionality.. Review this article for step by step instructions on how to setup the process.

Integrate Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Apps with Microsoft Teams

If you're familiar with Microsoft Teams, you know it's the place to manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one team workspace. Create and edit documents right in the app and enjoy instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, and now, Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.


Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams integration enables users to easily work with Dynamics 365 customer information and share files directly from Microsoft Teams. This helps to be more productive and get work done more effectively. Key features include:


Collaboration hub: Access a shared workspace for Office apps to work sales opportunities for example.

Cross-functional collaboration: Work together with customers and colleagues across functions, even if they aren’t a Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps user.

File integration: Co-author documents using Office 365 and automatically sync to Dynamics 365.

Teams mobile app: Search from Microsoft Teams mobile app using the Dynamics 365 bot while on the go.

Review this article on the Microsoft Docs site and click the links on the left to learn more about installation and setup.

Dynamics 365 Resource Links

The following links are great resources for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement:


Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is now available in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Business Applications ‘Lunch and Learn’ series: Educational videos on application features

Use Azure AD groups to manage user access: Learn how administrators can use their organization’s Azure Active Directory groups to manage access rights for licensed Customer Engagement and Common Data Service users.

Use System Settings and Personal options for Email tracking: Learn how to use a combination of System Settings and personal options to govern email tracking

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook – How do I track Tasks?

Analytic Reports: Visualize your recruiting pipeline with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Details on using Job Analytics and Analytics Hub to gain insight on recruiting pipelines.

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