As my internship comes to a close, I wanted to gather the feedback I received from Dynamics 365 employees and turn it into something others could gain insight from. Of the many great things said about being a Microsoft employee, there was, even more, to be said about working in Dynamics 365 Services.


One of the top perks found in Dynamics 365 Services is the emphasis on work-life balance. With the option to work remotely, there is a lot of flexibility in your schedule and how you accomplish the job. When talking to Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) it was hard to find someone who didn't highlight how great it is to manage his or her clients and time. Additionally, it was brought up that there are no expectations to work crazy long hours and "you know what needs to get done and have the freedom to do it in a way that you think is best." Furthermore, in D365 services, there is an element of creativity or "creative freedom to accomplish goals and the ability to do the job how you want."


Creating and maintaining customer relationships is another popular characteristic of working in Dynamics 365 Services. Employees mentioned being able to work with people as their favorite aspect of being in services. That's excellent to hear as one of Microsoft's core values and a part of their culture is to be customer-obsessed. Adding to this, it was also said that working in Dynamics 365 Services pushes you to "help assist or meet customer's business goals" and have a "desire to make other people successful." Engaging directly with consumers is valuable and makes a difference in how you foster and grow a relationship. It helps you to truly understand what customers want to get out of their Dynamics 365 experience.


The capability to see a project through from start to finish is another perk of the job. Seeing the spot in which a customer starts their Dynamics 365 Services journey, to how you helped them is a rewarding experience. It's awesome to find your solutions in Dynamics 365 accomplish what the consumer wanted and make out how this has improved their business. By working in Dynamics 365 Services, "you can detect how you are able to change a customer's business internally" by recommending services and best practices to increase efficiency. This "closes the loop… You recommend a service to a company based on their needs and wants, watch it get implemented, and later can observe the positive results customers receive." What's more, is that having access to the same technology or products you are implementing with your client is extremely beneficial. There are "lots of resources as well as a large focus on Dynamics 365 from Microsoft." It's neat to have the ability to use the latest and greatest technology and tools as opposed to being stuck using slow or outdated products.


The concept of teamwork is a really big factor in this job. Two statements said by employees that stood out were: "People are committed to helping me learn and answering my questions. I find that I can go to anyone for help." As well as "I can develop good friendships—built on trust & partnership— team members are not only focused on their work but work together as a team." Growth Mindset, another one of Microsoft's core values, are a part of their culture, and is strongly seen in Dynamics 365 Services. When describing teammates, it was said that the people in this business never stop learning; "we are always improving or trying to make things better than before." One employee also said, "My team is passionate— usually after years on the job you get complacent, however here people are always equally dedicated to making the solution the best for the customer…"


Working in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services "you will never get bored, as there are always new customers, new industries…" and more importantly, provides you with a constant challenge. "Before, it was just about creating and putting computers on desks, but now it's towards changing the world.” With the focus on innovation and solving problems faced in the world today, Microsoft is setting themselves apart from the competition. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, recently stated, "you join here not to be cool, but to make others cool. You want to be cool by doing that empowerment ... It's the result that matters.”Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading about Dynamics 365 Services and are fired up about joining our team. If you are interested, please reach out to You can read more on the benefits and perks of becoming a Microsoft employee at