My personal CRM system has been upgraded from version to version since version 1.2 back in 2004. That may explain the funky behavior I’m about to describe. When I attempt to select CASES from the SERVICE area on the Navigation Bar, nothing happens. Well, it does now because I fixed it. i don’t use Cases as much as I used to so I let the problem slide while I pondered it. Today I was struck with the bright idea of having a look in the Site Map which controls the Navigation Bar of CRM 2013. (I’ll leave editing the Site Map for you to find on other blogs.) I noticed that the Cases subarea line <SubArea Id="nav_cases" Url="/CS/home_cases.aspx" Entity="incident" /> included a Url item. None of the other, working, subareas in this section did. I removed the Url item making it <SubArea Id="nav_cases"  Entity="incident" /> and now it works as well.