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PowerMap is a useful Microsoft Dynamics CRM mapping tool. But have you ever wondered if you could change the default map icons and use something fancier, more colorful or more apt? If so, this add-on will totally cater to your whims!

Note: You will need to have a system administrator security role or have the required permissions granted for making these changes.

The standard pins that come with PowerMap look like this:

Pin Graphics for Maps in CRM

While I like what is there, maybe I would like to see flag pins on my map. So I chose four brightly colored flags and saved it on my system. Then I went about adding it to CRM.

  1. First, I navigated to Settings > Solutions and created a new solution.

  2. In the Publisher lookup on the form, I created a new publisher with ‘pomap’ as the prefix.

  3. Then I added one of my chosen pin images as a Web Resource within this solution with /Pins/ before its name.

  4. I added 4 pins in this manner. Now, in my PowerMap configuration window, I can see these with the rest of the out of the box pins.

  5. I used my newly added pins in a map I created for a previous blog, where we explained how to create a visual map of hot, warm and cold leads.

You can also delete the pins you do not want to see anymore by going to Web Resources within the solution, selecting the pin and clicking on the Delete button in the ribbon. Be a bit careful, though. A pin you delete is no longer available to anyone, and someone might be using it for one of their maps.

There you go—you now know how to add or delete pin graphics for maps in CRM. You’re a PowerMap pro!

Happy CRM’ing!

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