In today’s blog, we’ll go over how to create a workflow that executes on change of a stage in a business process flow, an exciting new feature in CRM 2013. Just follow these steps:

1. Starting in a newly created synchronous workflow that runs on the opportunity entity, click on the Record fields change check-box.

 Workflow Upon Change of Business Process Flow Stage

*This can be achieved from a synchronous workflow, or an asynchronous workflow.

2. Next, click on the Select button next to the check-box. This will open a window allowing you to select from multiple fields that exist on the entity. Look for Process Stage, check the box next to it, and press OK.


3. Now, proceed to build out your workflow to achieve your desired functionality. Once you’ve finished, save and activate the workflow.

4. The workflow will fire each time that a user presses the Next Stage button on the business process flow:

That’s it! Hopefully this was helpful in explaining a simple but useful workflow technique!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and you’re looking for more information towards how to upgrade to CRM 2013, check out our blog on preparing for CRM 2013.

Happy CRM’ing!

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