Uninstalling a Managed Solution in Dynamics 365

Ever wondered how to remove a managed solution from a CRM environment and what the best practices are when doing so? In this blog, we will review the top three things you need to know before uninstalling a managed solution from your CRM environment.

Aside from the default out-of-the-box and pre-deployment customization solutions, Dynamics 365 supports both managed and unmanaged solutions. An unmanaged solution allows for edits and updates to any component of the solution. A managed solution is a definitive solution that can be installed and distributed in multiple environments but cannot be customized.

Uninstalling a Managed Solution in Dynamics 365

1.) The first and most important thing to remember before uninstalling a managed solution is that it’s permanent. Uninstalling a managed solution will delete all data that is stored in CRM, including all components defined within a solution. There is no control Z option here folks! Once you’ve done this, the data CANNOT be recovered. Only uninstall solutions that you are positive you won’t need.

2.) If your managed solution is part of a monthly subscription, like one of our PowerPack Add-ons, make sure to unsubscribe from the solution first. Unsubscribing from a solution simply stops future payments but does not uninstall the solution or delete data in your CRM. We recommend that if you have data from the solution, you unsubscribe from the service and not uninstall the solution.

3.) Installing and uninstalling managed solutions is specific to each CRM environment. What does this mean to you? If you have any questions or issues installing or uninstalling a solution, Microsoft will be able to support you. You can find instructions how to uninstall a solution in this Microsoft article.

If you need additional assistance removing a managed solution, you can work with PowerObjects’ awesome support team or reach out to Microsoft directly.

Happy CRM’ing!