You can automate a lot with processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The crm workflow described below can take some of the busywork away from your customer service reps, allowing them to focus on the customer.

Scenario: The Case is automatically assigned to the Bike Service Team and routed to the Bike Repair Service Queue when the Subject is set to “Bike Repair”

Step 1: Create a New Workflow Process for the Case entity:

  1. In Settings | Processes | Click on New

Microsoft Dynamics CRM case

  1. Choose an appropriate Process name
  2. Choose Case in Entity dropdown (this determines the record type the workflow is run against)
  3. Choose Workflow for category
  4. Click on OK

Step 2:  Set the scope and triggers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM routing cases

 Step 3: Add Check Condition

  1. Click Add Step Dropdown | Choose Check Condition

Microsoft Dynamics CRM queue

  1. Click on the condition link that appears

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Click on Select | Choose Subject | Title | Equals | Enter Value of existing subject (see below) | Save and Close

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Step 4:  Add Workflow action step to assign the record to the appropriate team or user

  1. Select Row

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Click on Add Step dropdown | Choose Assign Record

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Set Assign line to team or user you want the cases assigned to

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Step 5: Add workflow action step that routes the Case to the appropriate Queue

  1. Make sure the step you just created is selected (it’s blue when selected)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Click on Add Step dropdown | Choose Create Record

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Choose Queue Item in resulting dropdown | Click on Set Properties (see below)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Set properties for which queue to add it to (see below)

Microsoft Dynmics CRM

**Note: the {Case(Case)} in the Queue Item field is a dynamic value that sets the parent item to the Case from which the workflow is run**

Step 6: Save and activate the workflow

  1. Click on Save
  2. Click on Activate

The final product should look like this:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This workflow will kick off when the following occurs:

  • A new Case is created
  • A Case is reassigned and the subject is equal to Bike Service
  • The subject is changed to Bike Service

Happy Workflowing! And Happy CRM’ing!