Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to send emails directly out of CRM itself. Those emails can absolutely be transferred over when migrating from a legacy system to Dynamics CRM. However, sometimes during a migration, if the body of the email in your legacy system is in plain text, the formatting is lost in the migration because CRM expects an HTML format. In today’s blog, we will discuss a few things to consider when migrating an email body during a data migration from legacy systems to Dynamics CRM.


When the body of an email is in plain text, you lose its formatting after a migration because CRM is expecting an HTML format. By utilizing direct mapping, the email body gets imported into CRM without line breaks. Technically, at the CRM database level, the data will have line breaks. However, when presented in the CRM interface as shown below, all line breaks will be lost.



By embedding the body in <PRE> </PRE> tags (which are used to define preformatted data), you are able to migrate the email data without losing the line breaks. As you can see in the image below, your email body is now formatted correctly.


This is how the source query would look:

SELECT ‘<PRE>’ + [emailBody] + ‘</PRE>’ FROM [toCRMEmail]

Another solution that will also work is to replace SQL Char(13) and Char(10) with <BR> tags, however, using <PRE> tags ensures that you won’t have to worry about any other formatting issues and performance issues that may arise.

That’s all for today! Remember that if you run into issues with this or any other CRM functionalities, you can always open a support request with PowerObjects. Thanks for stopping by our blog today!

Happy CRM’ing!