Have you ever run into an instance where you needed to see when the last time an activity was completed for a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What used to be a custom utility is now officially a PowerPack add-on – PowerLastActivity! PowerLastActivity still holds the same functionality as the utility, but now users can track all of their custom activities as well. In today’s blog, we will show you all that PowerLastActivity has to offer for your CRM system!

To get started, you will need to download the free 30-day trail of PowerLastActivity from our website if you don’t already have it!

So, what happens when you import this add-on? You will notice that PowerLastActivity is supported for these out-of-the-box entities:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Cases
  • Opportunities

Additionally, there will be two custom fields that will be added to those entities:

  1. Last Activity
  2. Last Activity Date

The Last Activity field will populate the activity name and the Last Activity Date will populate the last activity that has been marked as Complete.

In the screen shot below, you can see an example of where a custom activity (Sales Transaction) was created and we can see that the activity record is still open:


If the activity is still in an open status, the last activity fields will not be populated. However, once it has been completed, the Last Activity fields will populate as shown below:


The custom activity (Sales Transaction) has been set to Complete. Now, after refreshing the form, the last activity information will be on the bottom of the form as shown in the image below:


The Last Activity field is populated with the schema name of the custom activity that was created, which is indicated in the yellow highlighted text. Additionally, the text in the red box is the name of the activity that was created for the record. The Last Activity Date is populated with the date the last activity record was set to complete.

Lastly, reporting can be built around these fields. A view or chart can be created to display activity records that are older than a certain amount of months, or display records that are in an open status for a specified amount of time.

PowerLastActivity is just one of the many PowerPack add-ons we offer at PowerObjects. Check out all the great add-ons for Dynamics CRM, and remember, all of our add-ons are available for a free 30-day trial. Download yours today!

Thanks for stopping by our blog today! And as always, happy CRM’ing!