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If you love learning and increasing your company’s CRM knowledge, you will be delighted by all of the online resources that PowerObjects has to offer. Because we are passionate about helping your organization utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the fullest, we design and develop custom online learning resources that allow you and your team to learn anytime, anywhere. Today’s blog will highlight three of the many options that are available to you.

1. Enterprise Communication Videos
When considering or executing a CRM implementation or update, have you ever been worried about getting your entire team on board and in-the-know about the new technology? These short, customized videos can help you promote CRM to multiple audiences in your organization. To support user adoption, these videos offer compelling reasons why an upcoming implementation or upgrade will positively transform your business process supported by CRM technology and how it will improve day-to-day operations.

Your team without Enterprise Communication Videos…

Your team with Enterprise Communication Videos…
online learning resources

2. How-To Videos
Whether you are looking for tools to assist with training new employees or increasing your current team’s CRM know-how, we can create a custom resource library of micro-learning, how-to videos based on your team’s unique needs. These short videos (2-5 minutes) focus on one specific task at a time to boost retention to an all-time high. Users will be able to watch a demonstration of your system and immediately apply what they have learned.

How you will feel using our How-To Videos…
online learning resources

3. Interactive eLearning Modules
It’s always a good thing for employees to have opportunities to develop new skills when it comes to using CRM. That said, do you ever worry about the errors that might occur when your team is testing out new skills for the first time on your live CRM? Our interactive eLearning modules offer an effective solution by creating an immersive experience of CRM in a practice environment.

Why Interactive eLearning Modules are great…. practice makes perfect!
online learning resources

For more information about creating these online custom learning resources for your team, contact us today!

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Happy CRM’ing!

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