Solution Spotlight: Renodis

Solution Spotlight: Renodis has been one of our PowerSuccess customers for several years now. One of the business problems they experienced during the course of our relationship, was the need to digitally capture and record customer approval of invoices. Hear from Liam, their PowerSuccess Engineer, on how PowerObjects helped them achieve success with this Solution Spotlight!

To accomplish Renodis’ goals, we used our PowerPack Add-on, PowerSurvey, to capture approvals and rejections of an invoice. Customer CRM workflows write those responses back to CRM, where they then trigger additional processes.

In 2016, we updated Renodis to PowerSurveyPlus, our even BETTER survey add-on, which gave us a chance to update processes and take advantage of some of the new features of PowerSurveyPlus – like conditionally visible fields.

In this solution, a CRM user manually triggers a workflow that sends out an email with information about a customer’s invoice and a link to an invoice approval survey. In the survey, the customer can either approve or reject the invoice, and if rejected, provide a reason why they rejected the invoice. Once the survey is submitted, the data travels to Azure and back to Renodis’ CRM where it updates the Invoice Approval fields. These fields indicate if any invoice has been approved or rejected. If rejected, a Renodis CRM user can start the process over once changes or updates to the invoice have been made.

Today’s solution shows you a quick way to implement a process to capture a digital data and track it into CRM. Because as well all know, CRM is only as valuable as the data you keep in it! Keep coming back to the blog for more great Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Spotlights from PO TV!

Happy CRM’ing!