User Group Focus is a deep-dive, educational conference dedicated to the success of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement & Dynamics CRM users.

The User Group Focus Programming Committee is comprised of volunteers who worked diligently to create the final schedule. They determined the most relevant and useful session topics based on the community's session proposals, plus your comments, surveys, and feedback galore to provide you with the content you want.


Two dedicated members of this committee are Phyllis Eriksen, CRM Administrator, Audimation Services, Inc. and Kylie Kiser, Program Manager, CRM Experience, Financial Services Firm.



Phyllis Eriksen, CIDA, CISA, works as a Dynamics 365 CRM administrator and customizer for Audimation Services, Inc., a consulting firm and distributor of IDEA data analysis software. She has worked closely with clients throughout the U.S. to implement continuous monitoring solutions and solve complex challenges. She leverages these experiences to gather business requirements from each team at Audimation to develop efficient and effective D365 solutions. 

Kylie Kiser has been finding D365/CRM solutions since version 4.0. She has spoken at CRMUG Summit, Focus and D365 Saturday events. She is also a CRMUG All-Star and leads the Washington, DC CRMUG Chapter.

In this Q&A, Phyllis and Kylie share why User Group Focus is an invaluable learning opportunity for the community.


Q: What are you most looking forward to about User Group Focus? 

Phyllis Eriksen (PE): Hearing how others are dealing with integrating the different Dynamics 365 modules to the Customer Engagement modules.

Kylie Kiser (KK): The smaller format of the event makes it much easier to connect and network with other attendees. There is more time for in-depth conversations and getting to know others in the community. I also have never spent any time in Texas and I am excited to spend an evening at a real rodeo!


Q: What is your job as a member of the Programming Committee?

PE: To contribute ideas for sessions.

KK: It was exciting to be a part of the Programming Committee and see the sessions before the rest of the community. It is amazing to see the amount of knowledge and talent that others are willing to share. I especially like reviewing the overall event and being able to suggest session and presenters that should be added. This process resulted in a new session that I will be presenting along with Mike Ochs and Phyllis Eriksen on XrmToolBox and other tools for administrators.


Q: What makes User Group Focus unique when compared to other conferences?

PE: Because the sessions are 50% longer than at other conferences, topics can be covered at a greater depth.

KK: The 90-minute sessions really set Focus apart. This allows presenters to get deep into topics that they cannot explore in shorter sessions. It also gives more time for questions and discussions in the sessions.


Q: How will User Group Focus help solve an overall company issue and/or a problem an individual might face in their role?

PE: Focus provides a resource into “real life” training from users who have faced similar issues/problems.

KK: Focus gives attendees the opportunity to connect with leaders in the community and get answers to their questions. This is a great opportunity to go deep on topics you are struggling with and ask your questions. The smaller format makes it much easier to ask questions and the long sessions mean there is more time to answer those questions.


Q: How do you expect User Group Focus to help elevate attendees professionally?

PE: Attendees should return home with a greater understanding of the software which will allow them to offer better professional guidance to their colleagues.

KK: Attendees can learn about so many features and topics. This is a great growth opportunity especially because presenters are diving deep into these topics. Plus, you can’t beat the networking!


View the full agenda, track descriptions, and recommended job roles here. 


A truly unique learning experience, User Group Focus is heading to Houston – the largest city in Texas, March 11-12, 2019.

Come take your education to the next level with immersive, intermediate-advanced sessions on Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, and CRM.

  • Attend 90-minute educational sessions in targeted tracks for all product versions.

  • Connect with peers who face the same challenges on a daily basis and gain actionable takeaways.

  • Learn from MVPs, All Stars and other Subject Matter Experts.

  • Discover 3rd party solutions and what they can offer you and your business.

  • Interested in learning about the Power Platform? Add on a consecutive User Group Focus event! Learn more. 

Thank you, Phyllis and Kylie, for serving on the User Group Focus Programming Committee! Will you be joining them this March in Houston?
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