How does the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365® (formerly Dynamics CRM) stack up compared to its competition? Let’s go head-to-head with some key features and find out.

We won’t name the competitor, but you’ll recognize it from your research. At a December 2016 Microsoft Dynamics event, Microsoft presented a session about Dynamics 365 entitled, “Unmatched Value – More Capability.” Presenters outlined a cost comparison between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its competitor’s offering. The information is eye-opening.

CRM Cost Comparison

Unmatched Value – More Capability

Function Microsoft  Typical Enterprise Competitor
Overall License Plan 1, $115 Enterprise, $150
 + Sales   Included Included
 + Service Included Included
 + Field Service   Included $25 to $135 – Field Service License
 + Project Service   Included $25 to $100 – PSA License
 + Application Development   Included Included
 + Social Listening   Included $50-150 Social Listening License
 + Gamification   Included $+25 – Third-Party Gamification 
 + Knowledge Authoring   Included $50 – Knowledge Add-On
 + Team Users   $10 per User per Month $25 per User per Month
Advanced Configurations    
 + Encryption   Included Additional Cost per Instance
 + SharePoint® Connection   Included Additional Cost per User
 + Integration   Unlimited API Calls Additional Cost per Connection/Metered API Calls
Included Storage 10GB  1GB 
Added Storage per 20 Users 5GB  400MB 
 + Data Storage (10GB)   10 GB = $50 10GB = $1,000
 + File Storage (10GB)   10 GB = $50 10GB = $41.50
 + Sandbox   1 Included, Then $150 per Instance Additional Cost (Based on Total)
 + Portal   1 Included, Then $500/month Additional Cost per External User/Login 
 + Portal Advanced Configuration   Included Additional Cost per Instance

Source: Microsoft presentation at eXtremeCRM, December 2016

Here’s what is included in the overall $115 license with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Sales, service, field service, project service, application development, social listening, gamification, knowledge authoring, encryption, SharePoint connection, and unlimited application program interface (API) calls
  • $10 per month per user fee for team users

Compare the above to what it would cost for the same functionality from a typical competitor where the overall enterprise license is $150:

  • Sales, service, and application development are included.
  • A field service license is $25 to $135.
  • A project service license is $25 to $100.
  • A social listening license is $50 to $150.
  • Third-party gamification is $25.
  • A knowledge add-on is $50.
  • Encryption is charged per instance: SharePoint connection is an additional charge per user, and API calls are charged per connection per metered API calls.
  • Team users pay $25 per month per user.

Dynamics 365 includes 10GB of storage; the competitor includes 1GB.

Additional data storage with Microsoft costs $5 per 1GB, and you can accrue additional storage at a rate of 5GB for every 20 Dynamics 365 full licenses.

You may have other costs for a CRM system configured to suit your business. However, these prices do give pause for thought when evaluating and budgeting for a solution. Of course, you’ll take a closer look at pricing and functions when you make your selection.

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