Before I stepped in the wonderful world of Dynamics, I used to develop custom controls in ASP.NET. Couple of days back when Microsoft announced the release of Power Apps component framework using which you can develop custom controls and use it on Dynamics forms, I was overwhelmed. It was kind of nostalgia for me. Going back to the old glory days of custom control development.

And here I was reading the pre-release documentation from Microsoft. 

As I was reading I could find that while all the pieces are documented, there are certain areas in documentation where developers may get stuck. Also the documentation does not show end to end of how your custom control can end up being used on a CRM Form.

So I am penning down this blog for all my blog readers. A detailed, end-end scenario where you will develop your custom controls and use in CRM eventually.

To keep each blog short -  I have divided it into a series of blogs.

Part – I  – Understanding Custom Component Framework and control lifecycle

Part – 2 – Setting up development environment and Custom Component Project

Part – 3 – Set-up Manifest file for your custom control

Part – 4 – Develop your Power Apps Custom Control UI and events

Part – 5 – Build, Test and Deploy your Power Apps Custom Control

Part – 6 – Embed your Custom control on CRM form

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