Microsoft Dynamics CRM error solutions: PluginType

Ever had this kind of error?

A managed solution cannot overwrite the PluginType component with Id= afdb0bbf-aa45-e511-80c1-00155d017419 which has an unmanaged base instance.

The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged PluginType component on the target system. Now a managed solution from the same publisher is trying to install that same PluginType component as managed. This will cause an invalid layering of solutions on the target system which is not allowed.

Reason for this error could be that you have updated an assembly, which is actually part of a managed solution. So if you try to import this managed solution, which also contains the same assembly you manually updated in the target system, the system will reject this.


  1. First of all export your unmanaged solutions as unmanaged solution
  2. Delete all workflow / components in the default solution which uses this assembly
  3. Unregister the assembly by using PluginRegistration Tool
  4. Import your managed solution again and choose the option to overwrite all customization
  5. Import your unmanaged solution

Now, you should be fine. Keep an eye on the IBS blog for more error solutions.