I have been facing this issue, and this blog addresses the issue

 Dynamics 365 Funda by Zohaib Uddin Khan

The entity Referenced by this process includes a currency value that does not exist in your organization. Select a different currency and try again.

The story begins when I imported a solution from Organization1 to Organization2. The solution has only one workflow, which has only one step of ‘Send an Email’ using Template.

Source Organization Process Diagram

Let me give you some brief about Organizations where I am doing all this:-

Organization1: Default (Base) Currency = US Dollar

Organization2: Default (Base) Currency = Pakistan Rupee (Or any currency other than Organization1 Base Currency (US Dollar))

Both of the organizations have only one currency under ‘Setting’ – ‘Business Management’ – ‘Currencies’ which are mentioned above.

When I imported the solution in Organization2, it showed me the following warning:-

‘This process contains errors and cannot be activated. Open the process, correct any errors and try again.’

Import Solution Warning

When I opened the imported process in the target organization…

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