This article was written by one of our Escalation Engineers Clint Warriner. 

Solutions are an interesting concept in CRM 2011. A few of the components can become hard to navigate as they grow in size. For example Web Resources.

The views that are available for Web Resources can get you part of the way there but it still doesn’t get the job done 100%.  With CRM 2011 grids have been enabled to allow filtering. However most of the filtering is enabled through the use of the filtering button on the ribbon.


When you are working with web resources, they do not currently have a ribbon. The button to enable filtering is located on the toolbar. By doing so you can quickly filter down the types of web resources you want to deal with. You can further add filters for the Display Name, Schema Name, Description, and Language columns as well as the other columns listed on the various Web Resource views.

As you can see by using the Enable/Disable Filters button you can quickly get to that web resource that you are looking for.



The Enable/Disable filters button is available for the following other components of a solution

  • Processes
  • Plugin-in Assemblies
  • Sdk Message Processing Step
  • Service Endpoints