Last month we announced the release of a CRM diagnostic scenario included in the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA).  This scenario is designed to help CRM Online customers identify and fix the cause of issues installing, connecting, or enabling CRM for Outlook.  We are happy to announce several enhancements that released today:

  • Check for latest CRM updates with a link to the download

  • Action available to clear CRM cache files


The following files are removed from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSCRM\Client

      • Cached authentication token (TokenCache.dat)
      • CrmCache.sdf
      • Metadata Cache files (ex. MetadataCache-824a633b-bd51-4d9b-8496-c61e764f312c.sdf)


  • Action available to create a new Outlook profile

Appears if CRM for Outlook is not configured and the user has an Exchange Online mailbox.


  • Log file collection option now appears even if CRM for Outlook is not installed which is helpful for troubleshooting installation issues


  • Scenario description changed to reflect how this can be used by customers having trouble installing, connecting, or enabling CRM for Outlook

 You can install SaRA from here.  If you come across solutions to issues not already covered, we would love to consider them for a future update.