Flow is all the rage these days but there are some scenarios where classic workflow still rules. Classic workflow has the uncanny ability to readjust itself when underlying data you’re waiting for, changes.

This dialog took place not so long ago:

Steve “Reads his own blog” Mordue: I want to trigger a workflow to update an account record if a case has not been created in the last 30 days for the account. Any ideas?

Yours truly: So let me get this straight… You want to run a workflow when something does not happen. That’s a new one.

SM: Yes

YT: How about this.

  1. Create a field on account ‘Last case created on’. Have a workflow that fills that in with the current date on case create.
  2. Have another workflow waiting on that field that kicks in 30 days after the date. It will readjust itself as the field gets updated.

SM: I like it

Just to be fair. If you have bazillions of the accounts and quantamarillions of cases, you might end up with a large number of waiting workflows. Some people have beef with that so those might want to consider Guido “Future olive farmer” Preite‘s suggestion of a scheduled Azure Function to perform the check every day. GP did admit that it was a developer’s suggestion meaning that SM ignored it.

Cover photo by Anthony Ginsbrook