Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 8 (UR 8) is available for download.  UR 8 is a cumulative release which means it contains all the issue resolution available from all previous Update Rollups.

Update Rollup 6 is a requirement for UR 8 so ensure your systems have UR 6 before attempting to apply UR 8.  You will be able to uninstall UR 8 if needed but you will not be able to uninstall UR 6.

UR 8 is not Service Update 8.  Service Update 8, often referred to as Q2 2012 Service Update, is due out later in May.  Service Updates are delivered twice per year and contain new features.  Update Rollups are delivered more frequently throughout the year and contain issue resolution or fixes for known issues in the software.

Here are some of the fixes included in the release:

  • Build number is 5.0.9690.2243
  • You can use Windows Update service to install UR 8 later this month
  • UR 8 contains the Q4 2011 Service Update as it was included in UR 5
  • Import Wizard hangs in IE 10
  • CRM Outlook crash when forms contain multiple fields of ntext type
  • Performance fix when selecting least busy in scheduling engine and when switching folders in WAN
  • Fix for languaging provision issue in UR 6
  • Closed Activity status reasons are changed after Outlook synchronization
  • Listing trusted domains in the Multiple User wizard does not work as expected.
  • You can not delete email from CRM that was untracked in the CRM Outlook Client
  • Synchronizing appointments in the Offline Client do not work as expected
  • Advanced Find queries with Or statements to do not export as expected
  • Office 365 E-mail Router unauthorized error

As always, I encourage you to read through the list of fixes included in UR 8 to see if there are any you need.