Avoid ERP implementation pitfallsChanging your ERP system isn’t easy.  In order to have a successful implementation of your new ERP software solution, it’s extremely important to follow a set of guidelines and best practices. Without the right structure in place, you just might succumb to one of the common pitfalls when changing an ERP system.

What are the most costly risks?

The most costly risk associated with changing your ERP system is the unfortunate (but real) possibility that it may not stick. You’ve invested your time, money and resources into a new system, but if it’s not up to your standards, you’re thinking about changing it again or going back to your old one.  Simply put, you’re right back where you started.

When this happens, it’s often because of one (or several) of the following factors:

5 Biggest Pitfalls When Changing Your ERP System

  1. The purchasing company is unclear about its objectives, or has not created a comprehensive list of goals and success benchmarks. In order to be successful you must clearly define your needs and goals.
  2. Buy-in was not secured from the necessary parties before purchasing the software.Without key employees buying in, the project will never work. Once you have executive, management and employee buy-in, your implementation has infinitely higher chances of proper adoption.
  3. The employees responsible for installing and maintaining the new software were not given sufficient training. Just like with anything in business, you have to set people up for success with the right knowledge, training and tools.
  4. The full extent of required resources (time, money, manpower) wasn’t taken into consideration. Underestimating the project can easily set it up for failure.
  5. The key users (front line employees) of the software weren’t given the chance to offer input about what they need from the software. If the people who are going to be using the software can’t or don’t offer any input, how can you truly know if it is a good idea?

Avoiding these common mistakes significantly reduces the risk associated with implementation. Follow the proper steps to put your project on a firm foundation, and set yourself up for success.

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