So here it is… finally.
  • Added 9.x support
  • Added Xrm.WebApi
  • Better support for Action/Function parameters
    • Collection handling
    • Entity related parameters allow choosing the entity type if not specific and determines id field
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs
    • Displaying XML in results
    • Issue with fields containing “_value”
    • Decimal parameter conversion
    • Function parameter passing via query string
  • Other usability enhancements
    • Default unpopulated ids to empty guid when generating code
Also no longer supporting the 2011/2013 versions. They are still available on GitHub, just no new updates.

This will probably be the last major update for this so I can focus on creating a Web API only version that runs in the XrmToolBox.

Download here for CRM 2015/2016 & D365 CE (7.0+)

Log any issues here: