For those who missed it… Windows 10 will be coming to the Raspberry Pi 2. You might think: “Who cares? I’m in the xRM business!”

In my blog article “Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies” I wrote about the rise of the Internet of Things and the way it might be affecting us and our users.

The expectations of IoT must be really high, as Microsoft seems to be going full force into IoT. On the MSDN blog, Microsoft announces officially that Windows 10 will be running on the new Raspberry Pi 2. The $35 Raspberry Pi 2 will be equipped with a quad core soc, a higher clock speed and more RAM.


All these enhancements will make the Raspberry Pi 2 suitable for running a slimmed down embedded version of Windows 10. I believe once Windows 10 lands on the Raspberry Pi, IoT will get an enormous boost. It will become easier for us to develop new types of connected applications as we can benefit from our existing .Net skills.

In the meanwhile, we can prepare ourselves by equipping our old Raspberries with the opensource Mono framework. Jan Tielens wrote a great blog article  about setting up a Raspberry Pi to run ASP.Net applications (the article is not for the faint hearted among us, but it is sheer fun for the die hards).

Once set up you have a good starting point for developing connected applications. Instead of tinkering around with Python or other languages we could access the GPIO hardware ports using C#. Jan also wrote a great article on a Rapberry powered internet thermometer using .Net & Azure.

We better be prepared, times are changing!