If you are sending out survey invites to your customers, ideally they respond in a timely manner. You have ways in which you can do follow up reminders, but what if the response is time sensitive? If they purchased something, do you really want them to be able to provide feedback on an interaction three months later? Or, what if you want to be able to control how many responses you get? Well, good news, there are ways to control both of those. Let’s look at how.

Navigate to your survey, then click on the ellipsis (three dots) on the top right next to the send button. Then click on the Settings gear icon.

Under the Stop survey section we have a tick box for Maximum responses. Here you can set a value between 1 and 50,000. This can help you control the number of responses coming in if you are monitoring costs, or could also be used for a contest of some kind, where only the first 100 entries count.

Right below that we have another tick box, allowing us to set the number of days. The max value allowed here is 1095 which is 3 years (give or take with leap years). This should be PLENTY of time for someone to respond right?  The good news is, this works regardless of how the survey link was sent, either directly via Forms Pro in an email, or using Power Automate. However, this is only based on a personlised link being sent out. You can’t expect this to work with an anonymous survey link (meaning it was shared online and not generated for a specific person).

if someone then clicks on the link either after the set number of days, OR after the maximum allowed number of responses has been received, they will be informed that the form is closed, and they won’t be able to access the survey.

Want to just watch how to do this? Check out the video below: