Creating a Forms Pro survey is pretty simple. Adding in some logic to check for a number, or make sure a field is formatted as an email address is straight forward enough too. We also have the ability to do formatting checks using custom regular expressions which I wrote about here. I’ve been told it’s straight forward (I am sure it is!), but for me, regex is not really ‘my thing’. I wanted to provide some awesome examples that would help those creating Forms Pro surveys, but knowing I am not an expert, I went to someone who has some top-notch skills in this area.

So, check out this post by my awesome friend, Ryan Maclean. We worked together to come up with ten custom expressions you could use in a Forms Pro survey (read the post in the link above or check out the video below). Here are the expressions we came up with:

  1. Phone Numbers
  2. Website address
  3. Twitter handle
  4. Zipcode (5 digits)
  5. UK Postcode
  6. National Insurance Number (UK)
  7. Social Security Number (USA)
  8. Vehicle Registration (UK)
  9. Date of birth (both dd/mm/yyyy & mm/dd/yyyy)
  10. Time (24 hour & 12 hour AM/PM formats)

One point to make, for items 6 & 7, you should really only be using this from an internal perspective. Forms Pro should not be used to collect personal and sensitive data from just any person!

So, take a look at Ryan’s post, and go and check him out on Twitter and YouTube while you are at it! Collaboration in our community is great, and it was good to know we could work together to provide some great ideas to make your Forms Pro surveys even better.

If you missed the video from a previous post on how to add custom expressions, you can just check out the video: