Power BI Desktop Tool, Power BI Online, CRM Online and HTML

Purpose of the Setup:

Purpose of this setup is to embed interactive Power BI reports in CRM Online Dashboard so that it can be viewed by end users directly within CRM Online instead of login into Power BI account.

Find the steps given below for publishing Power BI reports to CRM Online.

Step 1:

Create a new Web Resource in CRM Online as shown below


Step 2:

Give this Web Resource a name and select the HTML file which contains the necessary iframe code to access Power BI reports. Save and publish Web Resource created.

You can find more about steps for creating an HTML webpage for accessing Power BI reports here.


Step 3:

Once you create Web Resource, you can find the same in the list of Web Resources as shown in the image below

Step 4:

Now navigate to Dashboard. Create a new Dashboard and give this Dashboard a name.  Select Web Resource to be inserted in Dashboard as shown below

Step 5:

After that select the Web Resource created and uncheck restrict cross frame scripting option and hit OK


Step 6:

Once you save and publish Dashboard, you can see Power BI reports as shown below directly from your CRM Online


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