Microsoft wants to improve the way it works with some ISVs and developers in the Business Applications space, and they have a plan to do it that includes better tools, new program offerings, and "alignment with Microsoft’s broader ISV efforts," according to a new article from Steven "Guggs" Guggenheimer, Microsoft corporate vice president for AI and ISV engagement.

The update is part of what Guggs calls a "joint effort to accelerate deployment of PowerApps and Dynamics 365-based solutions."

Part of the change involves the launch of a new ISV revenue sharing program in July. He explained how the program – which is opt-in – will work:

At a high level all paid Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps and PowerApps will pay a revenue sharing fee, a portion of which will be used to drive joint sales and marketing efforts. In the future, we expect to add more advanced technical benefits and marketing support.

There is an overview documentfor partners to review, which shows off the initial structure that includes two tiers – standard and premium – and five marketing support levels within that. As with any Microsoft plan, there are plenty of details, rules, and conditions to understand. The company also has two webcastsplanned on April 23 to dive into the topic further.

Sales engagement benefits show up for the top two levels.

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