Hi guys,

The idea for this post arose when I had the following wish:

I wanted to be able to see what Accounts within the Category “Prospects” were not Modified in the last month.

The problem was that the account managers within my company don’t modify anything on the account form when they work on activities or opportunities.

So how do you get the results I want?

Adding new Fields to the Account Form + Workflows that automatically fill those Fields seemed to be the solution.

I tested it and it works like a charm.

See my step-by-step process in screenshots below.

Step 1: New Fields on the Account Form

task-and-opportunity updates on account formtask-and-opportunity updates on account form_2task-and-opportunity updates on account form_3task-and-opportunity updates on account form_4

Step 2: Put the Field on your Account Form (save, close & publish)

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_5

Step 3: Create A Workflow that will trigger on Create for the Entity “Task” (properties in next Step)

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_6

Step 4: Edit the properties of the Workflow Step

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_7

Step 5: Check your Workflow on the main screen and Activate it

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_8

Step 6: Check out your new Field on the Account Form (they are empty for now)

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_9

Step 7: Create a new task (save & close)

task-and-opportunity updates on account form_10

Step 8: Refresh your browser, go back to the Account Regarding the Task you just Newly Created >>> and see that your Workflow succeeded! task-and-opportunity updates on account form_11

Now Rinse & Repeat for the other 3 fields.

No you can always see on the Account Form what has happened lately to the Tasks/Opportunities Regarding the Account.

You can add more Fields and Workflow options if you want, customize anyway you want.

The best thing is that now that Account Form’s Field “Modified On” will change every time someone changes something to Tasks or Opportunities.

This way my problem was solved.

Hope you guys like this post.


See you on the Forum.