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Over the weekend 365 Saturday organized a event called “EmPower Your Career” with 40+ speakers, 45+ sessions around the globe. More 1500 individuals had a chance to learn a new technology and start to hope for a better career future. All slides for the events are available here. A video playlist is available here.

Microsoft presented the 2020 Release Wave 1, you can find the blog here and the video link here.

– Danish N.

Power Platform Updates

Building Proactive Bot with Power Virtual Agents – Dhina Gajavarathandhina.org
Let’s say you own a restaurant business and you have a chatbot to help your customers order food. Once the food is delivered, wouldn’t it be nice for your chatbot to send a quick nudge to the customer to ask how the experience was? – All you are doing is to proactively engage the customer…

Resolving PowerShell TimeoutExceptions when using Export-CrmSolution (Dynamics 365/Common Data Service) | The CRM Chapcrmchap.co.uk

If you have aspirations involving or are doing work with Dynamics 365/the Common Data Service and DevOps, then the functionality that this provides could speed you along. Utilising the capabilities found within the Dynamics 365 SDK

Common Data Service

CdsServiceClient with ASP.NET Core – Colin Vermandercolinvermander.com
One of the major reasons to use the new alpha release of the CDS SDK is that you can use it with the latest version of ASP.NET Core 3.1. Super cool, yes, so how do you add it to your ASP.NET Core project through dependency injection, and how do you add it to ensure that…

Using Word Template to combine multiple images attached to notes in a single document in Dynamics 365 – Nishant Rana’s Weblognishantrana.me
Recently in one of our projects, we had proposed Dynamics 365 for Phone / Tablet as the device for our sales user. The user will be capturing the image of the customer’s document and will be attaching it in notes, which will then later be moved to the document management system. Here, one of the…

PowerApps & Power Automate

Canvas App: Incompatible variable types | It Ain’t Boringwww.itaintboring.com

If you have found a solution to Alex Shlega’s problem do comment on his blog.

Canvas Apps: Add Custom Logging using Trace Function
Canvas Apps: Add Custom Logging using Trace Functionknowledgefrommanish.com

In this post, we will check out how we can add Custom Logging to our Canvas App, and therefore, use it to gather information specific to user’s need.

Tools & Components

ApplicationInsightsManager tool for XrmToolBox
ApplicationInsightsManager tool for XrmToolBoxgithub.com

Last week a new version of this plugin was released which will allow you to add AppInsights Telemetry on all or selected forms. Install or update the tool in XrmToolbox

Aggregate Grid | PCF Gallerypcf.gallery
A control to find aggregate of selected columns directly from subgrid.

Characters Remaining | PCF Gallerypcf.gallery
A control to show the number of characters remaining in the field, similar to what is seen on Twitter.


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