Who doesn't want some new toys on the first of a month?

Today Microsoft released the Field Service Mobile (2020) Model Driven App.

This is a huge step forward and a couple of things to call out that will make everyone's life easier;

  • The App will be managed in the same way that any Model Driven App is.
  • Offline Profiles are configured within the standard Offline Mobile Profiles.
  • Security Roles are all in 1 place.
  • And for me the interface is a lot cleaner than previously.

Availability is

2020 release wave 1 features will be enabled by regions.

2020 Wave 1


Automatic update window

South America
South Africa

Friday, May 1st – Sunday, May 3rd

Asia Pacific
Great Britain

Friday, May 8th – Sunday, May 10th


Friday, May 15th – Sunday, May 17th

North America

Friday, May 22nd – Sunday, May 24th


Friday, May 29th – Sunday, May 31st

GCC High

Friday, May 29th – Sunday, May 31st

Looking at the current parity.

Feature Category Field Service Mobile (2020) Field Service Mobile
Mobile Platform Hardware & software iOS, Android iOS, Android, Windows
Camera capture (photo & video) Technician Yes Yes
Barcode scanning Technician Yes Yes
Offline data Technician Yes Yes
Calendar view Technician Yes Yes
Driving directions Technician Yes Yes
Speech to text Technician Yes Yes
Geocoding Technician Yes Yes
Editable grids Technician Yes Yes
Push notifications Technician Yes
Geofencing Technician Yes
IoT alerts Technician Yes
Reporting Technician Yes
Scan to find asset Technician Yes
Location sharing and auditing Admin Yes
Enhanced mobile workflows Admin Yes
Enhanced offline sync filters Admin Yes
Remote Assist Integration Yes
Microsoft Intune Integration Yes

For full information have a look at the Microsoft Docs Site - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/field-service/mobile-2020-power-platform as well as Kyle Youngs Blog https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/?p=97053

New Icon / Logo

Here is the new Model Drive App

Management will be so easy with all configuration being done in one place.