Hi all,
Recently, we were getting following error while trying to work with any CRM record in our non-prod environment. Prior to that day, we bulk updated huge set of records (~300K) which might have contributed to this issue.

          We started looking into CRM Trace Logs and found following error info. This info doesn’t give much info to resolve the issue.

“Failed to insert audit record”

 [Microsoft.Crm.Audit: Microsoft.Crm.AuditCreateUpdatePlugin]

         We then looked into SQL Logs and found following error info:

The transaction log for database ‘ORG_MSCRM” is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.

This error info helped us in resolving the issue by increasing the disk space for the log file.  It indicated bulk updates in CRM resulted in rapid growth of Log file of the CRM ORG DB.

Hope this helps..!!