Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK contains portal developer guide, assemblies and portalbase solution to help creating portal Web pages that interact with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics Labs has created “Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” and “Partner Relationship Management Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” which can be accessed in Microsoft Dynamics market place.

This article series introduce how to use assemblies (microsoft.xrm.client.dll & microsoft.xrm.portal.dll) and portalbase solution to build portal.

  1. Getting Started
  2. ASP.NET Expression
  3. Data Source Web Server Controls
  4. ASP.NET Data-Bound Web Server Controls
    • CrmEntityEditingManager
    • CrmEntityFormView
    • CrmListView
    • CrmSiteMapChildView
    • Property
    • Snippet
    • WebLinks
  5. ASP.NET Web Server Controls
    • CrmHyperLink
    • DateTimeLiteral
    • EntityRightsView
    • LiveIdLoginStatus
    • WebLinkHyperLink
    • SiteEditingManager

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