Articles of the week

CRM 2013 – Why wasn’t an updated Custom workflow used by CRM?

Ben’s post about facing your biggest fears…

Salesforce to Dynamics CRM Activity Migration

PowerObjects’s article on how you can migrate your previous tasks into your new CRM activities.

And the REST…


CRM Online 2015 Update 1 is rolling out

Jerry’s post on Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1. Do you know what is Sandbox instance? Do you know how should you use a Sandbox instance in your environment?

XrmToolBox plugin for moving access team templates

Lucas created an XrmToolBox plugin to make it even easier to move access team templates (with GUIDs) between CRM organizations. He has also added functionality to automatically enable access teams on the relevant entities in the target organization if desired…

Alternate Keys as an Alternative to Duplicate Detection Rules

One of the biggest issue in enterprise is duplicate information. The duplicate date has serious impact on business. There are very real coasts. Depending of the functional area and the different kind of busieness activities, high levels of duplicate customer data can…

I have a post on this subject too…

Workaround for Deleting Option Descriptions in Option Sets

Magnetism’s post on deleting option description in Option Sets…


Upgrading CRM: Reimplementation vs. Upgrade – Choosing What’s Right for You

As the chicken or the egg causality dilemma the upgrading vs. reimplemenation question is the same problem…

Programmatically create folders and upload files in SharePoint Server 2013 through Plug-in/Workflow

Inogic’s post on how to setup an automation that would copy the attachments as and when important emails with attachments are received and upload into SharePoint

Don’t forget your case title and customer

Gonzalo’s article on Case entity


My New “CRM Rocks” Podcast Episode Is Out!

This Podcast included the following topics:

  • Release cadence & CRM 2015 Update 1
  • The new organization structure at Microsoft
  • Microsoft & Salesforce partnership
  • CRM 2016 Release Preview Guide highlights