Hello all,

I have a user who has an odd issue. It only happens some times, not on every one. But when she opens Contact info, it will open at 150% viewing size instead of the normal 100%. I've watched it happen and there doesn't appear to be a pattern to it. We can change it to 100%, enter info, save and close, and then some of them will be at 100%... until it yet again randomly opens at 150%.

She is on a Dell Latitude E5440 (but it did this on her Dell Latitude D630 as well). I had hoped the upgrade would resolve it, but obviously it has not.

She is running Windows 7 32 bit and is set to not be an Admin on the machine. Even with the freshly imaged new laptop, it still did this 150% viewing thing. She has Office 2010, including Outlook 2010, and is running Internet Explorer 8 (if that helps).

She has CRM version 4.0 (4.0.7333.3231)

She also has "Form Assistant" popping up on the right that she says was never there before. Can we permanently close that as well?

Thanks in advance,