We have a strange issue with CRM 2011 (and it is the same in our CRM 365 on-premise instalatoin, with migrated CRM 2011 org). When I create a simple view displaying all opportunities with status open, and I add the "Potential Customer" (which always is an account from CRM) Annual Revenue field as a column, this view shows that anual revenue, but it is missing for just a few opportunities. This account anual revenue field value is not displayingin the view for a few particular opps - always related to the same accounts in charge. When I click the account in charge (from the opp form) it opens a new window with the account details, and the annual revenue is there. In other words, annual revenue for some accounts, always the same ones, cannot be retreived into an opportunity view. While the value is there in an account view.
Any idea, why this happens?

kind regards,
Dieter Tontsch
mobileX AG