2015 On-premises

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Microsoft Office Outlook - 7.1.0001.3113

Hi all,

I really try and be nice about the outlook client but it continues to be the beign of our lives and a daily issue for issues, in some way or another.  I have wondered if it's because we're not on the latest versions, but having spun up trials of V9 recently I've noticed that Dynamics 365 for Outlook is no more reliable, also the latest Dynamics 365 App for outlook is only in preview.   Outlook for Mac users seem to only have the option of the App in preview with V9, with limited functionality compared with the PC version, pretty rubbish when you have a company using Macs and PCs which is common.   

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on one particular issue I've seen recently.

Outlook has on occasion created hundreds of duplicate contacts in CRM following re-installation of the client on users workstations.  Also old completed tasks being created in CRM from a users outlook.   When the Actual End date of a phonecall is 3 years before the created on date, you know something's gone awry! My understanding however is that to create contacts in CRM from outlook you must explicitly track or create those contacts from/in Outlook, and the same with tasks/appointments/other activities?  Users aren't performing any actions to push contacts over to CRM, yet on several occasions we've seen large volumes of records pushed into CRM from Outlook.

Please note, this is not the issue where duplicate contacts are created in Outlook from CRM.  We are aware of that issue and follow the correct process in stopping the contact sync ahead of uninstalling the client, then re-starting.

Any thoughts on this?