Hi everyone.

I am facing a problem with the CRM 4.0 Email router where it's promoting irrelevant emails to CRM.

Incoming mails are configured to use the router as opposed to a forwarding mailbox, users have selected the option to track only emails in response to a CRM email, however all their internal communication is being tracked (this is a new installation and the promoted emails are up to two years old) which is a serious confidentiality concern, not to mention overloading the Exchange logs.

Is it normal for the Router to track these emails? One more thing an Undeliverable folder is being created under their inboxes and a lot of emails are being transfered there.

I have disabled incoming email tracking for the moment but it should not be the permanent solution.

Any ideas?

Please also note that all the latest update rollups are installed on the server, and if I remove one of them CRM will not open anymore and will give an error, so I'm afraid rolling back is not an option.

Thank you..