After a lot of searching and digging we are back to getting our Dynamics CRM system up, we have been waitting on our DPO for a little while, turned on the system but im facing an issue, when i create a Phone call form FROM scratch no errors and i can save. but when i add from the time line and try to save i get this error

Exception Message: 863170000 is not a valid status code on phonecall with Id 6fda7b27-e4c2-eb11-bacc-0022484060c3.

ErrorCode: -2147187704
HexErrorCode: 0x80048408

ApiExceptionSourceKey: Plugin/Microsoft.Crm.Common.ObjectModel.PhoneCallService
ApiStepKey: 3ccabb1b-ea3e-db11-86a7-000a3a5473e8
ApiDepthKey: 1
ApiActivityIdKey: e7121fad-da6e-42b8-b2bb-01bff2e81d8e
ApiPluginSolutionNameKey: System
ApiStepSolutionNameKey: System
ApiExceptionCategory: ClientError
ApiExceptionMessageName: InvalidStateCodeStatusCode
ApiExceptionHttpStatusCode: 400

HelpLink: go.microsoft.com/.../

Activity Id: 91d37df3-7291-44fe-a212-1705e636ed16

Link is no help, and i have searched around, the statuscode is on the form, but was always there and until today and previous testes(made laste year) no errors.

Has anyone come across this?