I'm working in CRM 2011 and have a database that is a copy of a production database that is being used to create a new training organization via the org import wizard. The original production environment was created by an AD user call InstallProd (full name in CRM: "Admin Install") and this new training environment is being created by AD user InstallNonProd (this user is set up as a Deployment Admin).

When importing the org, I manually mapped the InstallProd user to the InstallNonProd user and the import then appeared to go OK. However, when it had completed (and not reported any errors in the import wizard), I was unable to log in to the new org and just got an error: "The user ID associated with the current record is not valid".

When I then checked the import log, it seems that the user mapping above had failed:

Warning| An error was encountered while processing user "Admin Install" with account DOMAIN\InstallNonProd:
Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user.

Prior to running the import, the only user that exists in the MSCRM_CONFIG.SystemUser table is InstallNonProd, which is what I'd expect.

Can anyone shed any light on why this error is occurring? I'm sure it can't be down to the fact that InstallNonProd exists in MSCRM_CONFIG.SystemUser but where else would it be looking in order to find this user and say it already exists?

This is causing some major issues at the moment so any help would be hugely appreciated.