I have a an interesting situation and I think a Power BI report may solve it, but I'd like to get some input to confirm before I begin running down that road.

I have set of users with ~ 2000 D365 for Field Services Licenses and ~ 1000 Team Member Licenses. 

The Team Member licenses work great for those ~1000 users. The only problem is that they need to be able to see see the Field Services Schedule board. They don't need to edit it, or change it, they simply need to see it. They do not need to do anything else in Field Services. The reason they need to see it is because it contains information they need to know and are used to seeing on the scheduling whiteboard they saw every morning, at lunch, and before quitting time prior to converting to D365 from manual scheduling via whiteboard that is 6 rooms long. 

Right now, the problem is being solved by co-workers taking a picture of the D365 schedule board with their phones and texting or teams'ing it to whoever asks. The picture completely solves the problem by giving the Team Member users exactly what they need. However that is absolutely ridiculous and many feel the Team Member users should just be able to view the schedule board from within the software without having to pay the exponential increase in licensing costs or inconvenience co-workers to take a photo and text it since those same people were always able to see it prior to D365 by simply looking at the white board. 

Is there a way to use Power BI to essentially create a read only copy of the Schedule Board so that a Power BI Report looks exactly like the photograph of the D365 schedule board that is being texted to everyone?

The cost of a power BI license is acceptable to buy for everyone so the question has become a clear case of Is it possible to craft a Power BI report that users who need to see the schedule board can run the report to get the "photograph of the schedule board" as it exists in that moment in time without having to text and ask co-wokers to take a photo of it and text or teams it back? 

A row and column report will not work as the requirement is that report has to actually LOOK like the schedule board with Crews on the Left and Color Coded Tiles that show the the 3 Critical Lines of Information.

I have received information that if Power BI or Power Apps doesn't work, the next step is to hire a minimum wage employee whose job is to solely take and text photographs of the schedule board 8 to 10 hours a day because it is more cost effective than 1000 Field Services licenses. 

If it is not possible to display a "copy or photograph" of the schedule board via Power BI Report, is it possible to do this via Power App and in general what would be involved in doing that? I can run down either of these two roads but I need to know if one or both of them are feasible. Any input or suggestions on  if such an objective with Power BI or Power Apps is possible would be greatly appreciated.