Hi everyone:

so, I’m using dynamics CRM 4.0 and want to do “Parent/Child” cases. I’ve taken the following steps:

1.  Created a 1:N relationship from cases to cases with the following settings:

— name: CSC_ParentCase

— Display Name: Parent case

— Type: Lookup

— Name: Parentcaseid 

— requirement level: No Constraint

— Navigation settings: Do not display

Type of Behavior: Referential

2.  On the mappings tab of this new relationship, I’ve mapped custom field: csx_parentcasenumber to the stock field ticketnumber. The goal of this is that once the parent case is selected, the case number will automatically populate in the field next to it.

3.  Modified the form to add a custom section called parent case information and displayed the look up field for a parent case and displayed the field as read only for parent case number.

4.  Created a 1:N relationship from cases to cases displayed in the navigation bar using a custom level of child cases.

5.  I have modified the preview form to show parent case and parent case number. The parent case displays correctly, however the parent case number as with the Field does not cooperate and display.  

when I link a parent case to a child case using the form, the look up works successfully, however the current case number does not populate. Further, when going to the child cases review on the parent case, no child cases are populating.  

in an attempt to fix this, I have attempted to set these relationships as parental however, when attempting to save I get an error that states that this entity already has a relationship configured as parental or cascading and to select a different relationship take.  

does anyone have any ideas on how to make the parent child cases work correctly?