I'm helping a user who wants to create a detailed Word Template for Case. They're trying to include Case Resolution () in the template, but it isn't populating in the downloaded Word Document. I don't think this is an error in using a repeating element for the following reasons.

If I go to a Case and select "Download Template" from the menu, I'm able to see Case Resolution in the 1:N Relationship list.

I can select the relationship from the above list, but it doesn't populate when downloading the Word document. I noticed that if I go to the Settings area and create a new Document Template, I don't see the relationship listed in the Select Entity dialog. I think this indicates that something funny is going on with this relationship and that's why it isn't populating in the downloaded Word document.

Here's a screenshot of the relationship on the Case entity from make.powerapps.com. Why isn't Incident_IncidentResolutions an option for use in the Word Template on Case?