Hello everyone.

I know that we can to do it:

var fc = executionContext.getFormContext();
var warningId = "warningid";

var accountName = fc.getAttribute("name").getValue();
var phone = fc.getAttribute("phone").getValue();

if (accountName === nul || phone === null) {
    fc.ui.setFormNotification("Name or Phone is empty", "WARNING");

if (accountName !== null && phone !== null) {

But, if we have tabs and sections.
I means, if we have some tab with 3 sections. Into of each section we have many fields. Is there a way to loop these tabs or sections?

var tabMain = fc.ui.tabs.get("tab_main");
var sectionProfile = tabMain.sections.get("sec_profile");

I would like to show in a single string several lines with the error or errors.

Thank you.