I am testing out synapse link for dataverse as data export service is going out the window. I've hit an issue with some larger entities, where the initial synchronisation is taking several days. At the moment, I'm stuck on synching 3 entities, with a total of around 26 million records between them. They have been running for 3 days, and it looks like they'll need to continue running for another 6 days, which does not seem right to me.

I'm trying to understand where the bottleneck is, and if I can do something about it - for example, the various samples all show setting up the storage account as a standard tier, but I'm wodering should it be premium, and if so which premium type? (I would assume Block blob). I can't find any documentation or guidance from Microsoft as to what would be required here so be useful to know if there are any pointers before I start changing things in the hope it improves the speed!

Alsois there any way to monitor what is happening, outside of the view in the powerapps portal showing the table status - i.e. can I see where the performance is taking the biggest hit somewhere?