OK here's what I've got:

1) I've locked down an instance of CRM 4.0 on my enterprise server to allow one unit to work separately from everyone else since they need to be totally isolated.  One of their rules is that "A case (Digital Safety Incident is their word for it) once the advisor and the client have agreed it should be closed shall be marked as "monitor" and prohibited from being modified for up to 72 hours.  Should the client NOT call, email, etc. then automatically mark it resolved. "

[What I've done]

I've added the monitor status to the "status reason" drop down when the person clicks resolve the two choices are "problem solved" or "Monitoring"

[What I'd Like to do]

Create a workflow that begins checking once the status is set to "Monitoring" how long has the case been in the state of "Monitoring" if x hours (or days) have passed and the case is still in "Monitoring" with no change then change it to "Problem Solved" and crate a new case closure to show "no action taken by customer in x time, case automatically closed as resolved"

thus if I open a case today, we work on it for the next 2 days and close it on day 3 (10/28/23) the case is "frozen in time" for say 72 hours. 

*  If I call in and say the issue still exists the advisor will reactivate me case

* If I take no action for 3 days (10/31/2023) then the case automatically changes to resolved.

[how it works now]

It's a totally manual process:

* the rep and customer agree that the issue should be resolved, the rep closes (resolves) the case and chooses the "Monitoring" status

* the rep has a view that shows their specific cases that are a status of "Monitoring" if they notice any that are 72 hours or older they un-resolve the case then resolve it again this time with a status of "Problem Solved"

as we can see this manual process can be overlooked, forgotten about, etc. because of human error (all it takes is one rep to not look at their "My Cases to Monitor" view and the whole thing goes to the Merchants of Chaos (MoC) in minutes.