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Multithreading/SalesFormLetter in D365

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I want to know I have found this code snippet in AX2009 for multithreading in batch processing in SalesFormLetter class. Can anyone tell me in which class same functionality is performed in D365 for multithreading. I also found that salesFormLetterEndMultiThread has been depreciated in D365. What is used instead? I also want to know I want to add some custom code to execute in salesformletter in between of a process but in D365 we have only Pre and Post Eventhandlers. And FormLetterservice is responsible for posting journals. What would be my starting point If I want to generate two Invoice journals with respect to lines.  

Urgent help is highly appreciate able. Thanks in advance.

if (this.canMultiThread())
    batchHeader = BatchHeader::construct(this.parmCurrentBatch().BatchJobId);
    salesFormLetterEndMultiThread = SalesFormLetterEndMultiThread::newFormLetter(this,

if (batchHeader)
    formLetterMultiThread = FormLetterMultiThread::newFormLetter(this);
  • Blue Wang Profile Picture
    Blue Wang on at
    RE: Multithreading/SalesFormLetter in D365

    Hi @NoMe,

    SalesDormLetterEndMultiThread has depreciated in D365.

    You can learn about these two classes.

    PurchFormLetterEndMultiThread Class :

    FormletterServiceMultithread Class :

    I hope it will help you.

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    Sukrut Parab Profile Picture
    Sukrut Parab 71,643 Moderator on at
    RE: Multithreading/SalesFormLetter in D365

    You can use Chain Of Commands feature for your customizations.  Also note you can not add code in between , in short you can not avoid execution of standard code . If your method  has some parameters which you can manipulate , there is possibility to avoid some code based on how they are used.  FormLetterframework is responsible for lot of posting related to SO , PO etc.. If you are talking about journal posting You should look at classe JournalCheckPost .

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Multithreading/SalesFormLetter in D365

    try SysOperationFramework

    great source here

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