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Launched RA from my own App using protocal activation

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Hi, all

  I have successfully launched RA from my own app.

  the question is when I launched RA, my own app switched to RA right away after calling someone, I need to relaunch my own app. I want to know is there any way that after launching RA I can still stay in my own app?


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    xudarker 5 on at
    RE: Launched RA from my own App using protocal activation

    thank you, this helps a lot, but after using this return field thing it literally just replaces the manually switching app procedure when it returns to my own app, which starts all over again.

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    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: Launched RA from my own App using protocal activation


    An additional returnto field can be included to have Dynamics 365 Remote Assist return to your application when a call ends. This enables users to both start and end their experience in your app without having to manually switch between them.

    To support the returnto field, you need to register your app with a custom URI (see Register an app with a custom URI).

    Then include the optional returnto field along with the registered app name you completed in the previous step. In the example below, "helicoptor-maintenance-app" is the registered URI:


    The following code example is written in C , but can be easily adapted to another language.

    Platform::String^ id = objectId->Text;
    auto uri = ref new Windows::Foundation::Uri("ms-voip-video:?contactids="   id   &returnto=helicoptor-maintenance-app");
    resultText->Text = uri->AbsoluteUri; 
    concurrency::task launchUriOperation(Windows::System::Launcher::LaunchUriAsync(uri));
    launchUriOperation.then([this](bool success) 
        if (success)  
            // URI launched 
            resultText->Text  = " (URI Launched)"; 
            // URI launch failed  
            resultText->Text  = " (FAILED)";

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