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Custom entity for Bing maps/ Google maps

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What is the best way to have the following fields shown on a Map in Dynamics 365 for a custom entity: 


if JS is involved could you please provide examples 

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    Inogic 23,935 on at
    Custom entity for Bing maps/ Google maps
    Hi Justin,

    I hope you have resolved your query by now. In case not, and you still need a solution, do have a look at our product, Maplytics which integrates Dynamics 365 with maps. We reckon that if you want to view or manage Custom Entity records on Bing Map, then our Microsoft Certified and very popular geo-analytical mapping app, Maplytics would be a fitting plugin.
    It is also available on Microsoft AppSource with a certified software badge. Some more interesting features of Maplytics are
    Radius Search/ Proximity Search
    Auto Scheduling
    Route Optimization
    Territory Management and more

    For more on Maplytics check out our Website or do write to us at for a free Demo and/or trial.
    Sam Drop an
    Power Platform/Dynamics 365 CRM Tips and Tricks:
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    H V 347 on at
    RE: Custom entity for Bing maps/ Google maps


    If you want to view or manage Custom Entity records on Bing Map, then you can use Microsoft Certified AppJetty's Quick Maps Plugin. It is also available on Microsoft AppSource. You can take a demo from


    Remarkable Features

    • Heat Map
    • Route Optimization & Sharing
    • Territory Management
    • Reporting & Analytical Dashboards
    • Check in-Check out
    • User level Configuration
    • Search by region, shape and proximity

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    Matt Collins-Jones Profile Picture
    Matt Collins-Jones 230 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Custom entity for Bing maps/ Google maps

    Hi Justin

    Bing maps integration is not supported for custom entities as per the documentation.

    I found this article which details how to do this with web resources, but it is 6 years old and i'm unsure if this method will still work with the Unified Interface, so it would require some testing.



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Custom entity for Bing maps/ Google maps

    Do you mean you want a point marker shown on the map based on this address information?

    If so, here is a nice example of how to integrate google map to read those address fields, geo code them into lat/long and show them on a marker

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