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How to void in Cashbook, when it came from AP

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I have a dilemma... I've investigated extensively on some trx in the customer's site. I verified, some cashbook trx only existed in the CB tables, but not in AP or GL.

It does not even show in the PM80600 or 80500 or the 00400; but when I tried to void or had the user void these, it says: 

The Cheque is an AP transaction and cannot be voided from the Bank Recon.

How do I resolve this?

I am sure something went wrong, but I am interested in how to get around this message so I can void these from the CB?

Any help will be highly appreciated!


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    RE: How to void in Cashbook, when it came from AP

    Hi Leng,

    Is this the Bank Management module you are referring to? I assume so as the data for this module is stored in the CB tables.

    If this is the case, although I'm not sure why this has happened, I think the best solution is to reverse them using "GL" type transactions. This will update the cashbook and also create a GL journal which you can reverse in the GL if you don't want the GL to be affected. (i.e. you want a cashbook only transaction)

    Alternatively, if you don't want the transaction to hit the GL at all, you can temporarily switch off the link between the cashbook and GL via "Cards > Financial > Chequebook > Bank Management" and untick "Post through GL". Then post the "GL" type cashbook transaction and rather than update the GL immediately a CBXXXXXXXX batch will be created in "Transactions > Financial > Batches" that you can delete. Once you have done this tick the "Post through GL" option back on.

    I hope this helps



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