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How to remove a user from approval list from Sales Order transactions below 1M

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Hi, I am currently new to Navision 2018 and was appointed to assist with the same. Hoping you could help me with my query. Thank you in advance.

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    RE: How to remove a user from approval list from Sales Order transactions below 1M

    Hello Michael,

    welcome to the NAV/BC world

    It depends on what you are using for approval: Approval User Setup or Workflow User Group.

    How to Set Up Workflow Users - Business Central | Microsoft Docs

    If you are using Approval User Setup and in the workflow Approval Chain, for example, you can specify the Limit Amounts in the page as follows:


    For each user, you can set their Limit, so they won't be able to approve by themselves over those Limit Amount and the approvals will go to the approvers with higher limits.

    If you want the approval go directly to the one with the proper limit and exclude the others, you can try with "First Qualified Approver". Then the request will go only to the one with the proper limit.

    On the other hand, if you are using a Workflow User Group list, you cannot specify Limit Amounts for those users in the same way.
    The only control you have in there is the Sequence No. that defines the order the request for approval will be send. Same Sequence No. means the request for approval will be sent at the same time for all, different ones means that the one with 1 will get it first, then the one with 2...etc...

    The only way you can control the Limit Amounts even with Workflow User Group is using the "On Condition" in the own Workflow design.

    Something like this would make the trick, but using your own limit amounts:


    Pics are from BC, but you can do the same in NAV2018. Good luck!

    I hope it helps

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